Kinečko staff recommends / 11 November


Just like yesterday, the core of Kinečko film magazine has come together to bring you a couple of hot tips and recommendations for today.



Eva Križková: April’s Daughter, Kino Nostalgia, 5:30 p.m.


I first encountered this film in Karlovy Vary when the director Václav Kadrnka, a great friend of Kinečko magazine, insisted I go and see it. When he argued it was the absolute top of the contemporary world cinema, he sounded so convinced that I really did get up early in the morning and sit on the floor of a crowded screening room during its first morning showing. It was well worth it. April’s Daughter is strong in its social commitment in a manner typical of the current Latin American cinema as well as unique thanks to its original story, balancing on the edges of crime film, thriller and family drama. If you have seen and enjoyed the Brazilian film A Wolf at the Door (O Lobo atrás da Porta, 2013), you simply can’t miss out on April’s Daughter.





Saša Gabrižová: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Kino Nostalgia, 8 p.m.


In our interview, the actor and director Jean-Marc Barr said that a quality film (in general) will make the viewer forget they’re sitting in a dark room and watching an audiovisual creation. The story will become part of them and question the little certainties they’d never doubted before. I think this awaits every audience member of the film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. It’s been a while since I last enjoyed such a vivid portrayal and depth of characters, be it main or supporting ones. Round, realistic heroes without a hint of black and white flatness. Serious situations lightened with humour. The whole thing reminds of Fargo, perhaps because of its lead actress Frances McDormand. This film has been collecting audience awards at festivals all around the world (Toronto, San Sebastian, and best screenplay in Venice) and there is no wondering why.




Made In CZ/SK is one of Bratislava IFF loadbearing sections. In connection with the recent one-hundredth anniversary of the formation of the First Czechoslovak Republic, the section reflects a continuous and successful filmmaking cooperation of the two neighbouring countries. This year’s selection will present several recent films, some of which also originated in Czech-Slovak co-production.

The 20th edition of the Bratislava International Film Festival will open its doors in less than one month. The days between 29 November and 2 December 2018 will offer a generous selection of quality titles made by the best of young contemporary cinema. The Bratislava city cinemas Lumière and Mladosť will welcome the audience with a pleasant atmosphere and bring innovative perspectives on the world and being in it.

Another section of the Bratislava IFF programme will comprise three films nominated for the LUX Prize 2018, which has been awarded by the European Parliament since 2007. Its goal is to popularize original European film production and incite the EU citizens to discuss European values and identity. After last year’s success the festival will present LUX Prize films not only in Bratislava, but in three cinemas outside of the capital as well; Kino Mier in Modra, Kino Záhoran in Malacky and Artkino Metro in Trenčín. 


On Tuesday 14th November in kino Lumière were announced the winners of 19th Bratislava IFF. Festival continues in kino Mladost, MIER in Modra, Mier in Senec and Zahoran in Malacky. 



The White World According to Daliborek (2017) and its main protagonist – a “gentle neo-Nazi” have prompted a controversial reaction in the Czech Republic. Klusák came across Dalibor on the Internet.


We’re slowly nearing the end of the festival and Kinečko has some recommendations for today’s screenings. This time we’re leaving Bratislava and expanding to the nearby cities.

Even today we’re here to recommend where to go and what to see.


Zuzana Golianová asked Jean-Marc Barr 10 questions.

The core of Kinečko film magazine is here again to recommend a couple of films you can’t miss.

Even today, the core of Kinečko film magazine has joined forces to bring you a couple of hot tips and recommendations.


Due to technical problems during the previous screening of the film HOUSE WITHOUT ROOF (dir.Soleen Yusef), we added a special screening on Sunday, November 12 at 1pm in Kine Lumière K4.