Mimi & Líza: Christmas Lights Mystery

Mimi a Líza: Záhada vianočného svetla

Mimi sees the world with her hands and ears. She is blind. Together with her best friend Líza, they have visited many fantastic worlds of fun and mystery. Christmas is finally coming. Mimi, Líza and their neighbours decorate a beautiful magnificent tree. However, the bulbs won’t light up. Where did the magic Christmas light disappear? Did it flee? Or did someone steal it? Maybe it’s the doings of their suspicious neighbour Viliam, who has no friends. The answer is hidden in the times when their neighbours were still small children. Mimi and Líza set out on an adventurous journey to bring the charming Christmas light back.
Mimi & Líza: Christmas Lights Mystery is a compilation of a new eponymous story of Mimi and Líza in form of a 26-minute TV special and 6 serial episodes (1.Twins from the Cards, 2. The Grand Worm Tour, 3. Agent Vitamin, 4. The Mirror, 5. The Letters on the Run, 6. The Entchanted Time).

  • Year:
  • Runtime:
    58 min.
  • Country:
    Slovakia, Czech Republic
  • Director:
    Ivana Šebestová, Katarína Kerekesová
  • Screenplay:
    Katarína Moláková, Katarína Kerekesová, Ivana Šebestová, Anna Vášová
  • Animation:
    Ivana Šebestová, Matej Mazák, Martina Chwistková, Lina Šuková
  • Music:
    Lucia Chuťková Džubáková
  • Editor:
    Matej Beneš
  • Cast:
    Ema Mercová, Grétka Fedora Homzová, Táňa Radeva, Vladimír Kobielsky, Matej Landl, Henrieta Kolláriková - Jančišinová, František Kovár, Oľga Belešová, Ivo Gogál, Eva Matejková
  • Production:
    Fool Moon, Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska, Maur Film
  • Sales:
    Planet Nemo Animation

About the Director:

Ivana Šebestová

(1979, Poprad, Slovakia) studied animation at the Faculty of Film and Television of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. As an animator she worked on Pik and Nik (Pik a Nik, 2006, d. Martin Snopek), Stones (Kamene, 2010, d. Katarína Kerekesová) and Mimi & Líza (Mimi a Líza, 2012-2018, d. Katarína Kerekesová). Her original animated films Four (Štyri, 2007) and Snow (Sneh, 2013) won the Sun in the Net national film award as well as other international festival awards. Yellow (Žltá, 2017) completes the author's trilogy of films about the depth and “multi-layeredness” of the human soul.

About the Director:

Katarína Kerekesová

(1974, Žilina, Slovakia) studied animation at the Faculty of Film and Television of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. In 1997 she made her debut with the combined short film Lovers without Clothes (Milenci bez šiat), followed by the mid-length Origin of the World (Pôvod sveta, 2002), animated music film Stones (Kamene, 2010) and the series Mimi & Líza (Mimi a Líza, 2012-2018) and The Websters (Websterovci, 2016-2017). In 2009, she founded the production company Fool Moon.