Our Daily Life

Deň náš každodenný...

While placed in the category of fiction, its main protagonists, members
of the Ravinger family, play themselves. They live at their own home and
nothing about their lives is stylised. It is an “ordinary” family living its
everyday life that is not special in any way. It is a life without much drama,
although every member of the family must cope with their own problems.
A film on everydayness, Our Daily Life is an almost sociological probe into an
ordinary family living in Czechoslovakia at the end of the 1960s. We follow
the family dynamics including mutual relations, hierarchy and “conflict”
between the rational and the emotional. We see the growing up of children
and the related pressure from their coevals, the fear of exclusion, the first
date with love, but also financial problems and dilemmas of what a family
can and cannot afford.

  • Year:
  • Runtime:
  • Country:
  • Director:
    Otakar Krivánek
  • Screenplay:
    Otakar Krivánek
  • Dir. of Photography:
    Jozef Grussmann
  • Editor:
    Otakar Krivánek
  • Cast:
    Michal Ravinger st., Michal Ravinger ml., Michaela Ravingerová, Gertrúda Ravingerová, Marcel Ravinger
  • Production:
    Slovenský film Bratislava, Štúdio hraných filmov Bratislava – Koliba
  • Sales:
    Slovenský filmový ústav


12.11.2017 15:45 Kino Lumière (K2)

About the Director:

Otakar Krivánek

Otakar Krivánek (1931, Levoča, Czechoslovakia – 1997, Bratislava, Slovakia) was a Slovak director and scriptwriter. Although he majored in stage directing at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, he soon began to shoot newsreels (in 1958) and later drifted toward documentary films. He co-authored The Time We Live In, a documentary that captures the democratisation process in Czechoslovakia in the 1960s. In the following decade, he delved into making fiction features, especially films for children and youngsters.