The Tiniest Heroes

Najmenší hrdinovia

Written and designed by Koloman Leššo, this bedtime stories series revolves
around a girl named Terezka who receives a construction kit for Christmas
and decides to put together two cranky puppets that go by the names of
Sticksy and Ballsy. She loves to play with them and they in return take care
of her good humour, health, cleanliness, and even her education and the
environment. Every time Terezka finds herself in a tight spot, the puppets
get down to business and easily solve all problems.


Note: the festival will present seven out of 21 episodes.
1. The Gift
2. Rotten Teeth
3. The Apple
4. A Vegetable Soup
5. A Broken Alarm Clock
6. The Boat
7. Non-Smokers

  • Year:
  • Runtime:
    7 x 8 min.
  • Country:
  • Director:
    František Jurišič
  • Screenplay:
    Koloman Leššo
  • Animation:
    Štefan Martauz, Peter Cigán
  • Production:
    Československá televízia Bratislava v Slovenskej filmovej tvorbe Bratislava, Animo Film
  • Sales:


12.11.2017 10:00 Urban Space (presented by Haas sisters - admission free)

About the Director:

František Jurišič

(1942, Nitra, Czechoslovakia) is a Slovak film director, animator and pedagogue. His motion pictures have garnered awards at domestic and international film festivals. He directed animated films A Wise Piglet (1982), Figures and Figurines, A Night Tale (both 1983), Cock-A-Doodle-Doo (1985) as well as several TV series such as The Tiniest Heroes (1984-90) or Bratislava Tales (1991-93).