The White World According to Daliborek

Svět podle Daliborka

Dalibor is a 37-year-old construction worker with a complicated family
background and an obvious fixation on his mother with whom he shares
a flat in a prefabricated building on a Prostějov housing estate. He hates
the Roma, the Jews, refugees, homosexuals, Angela Merkel and he is by no
means alone in his work and family environment. But above all he hates
his purposeless life. Since he has a peculiar kind of creativity, he lets out
his frustration through primitive horror videos and vulgar songs he shares
online. The serene relationship with his mother is suddenly turned upside
down by an alien, namely her new friend Vladimír. Dalibor’s reaction is
his first serious acquaintance that marks an end to his ostentatious lack of
interest in women and sexual life. The film is a documentary visit of those
fellow citizens who miss Adolf Hitler. “I mean, he is good, he only has dumb
ideas,” his mother says about Dalibor. Unfortunately, the views like his seem
to be around more and more often.

  • Year:
  • Runtime:
  • Country:
    Czech Republic, Slovakia, United Kingdom
  • Director:
    Vít Klusák
  • Screenplay:
    Vít Klusák, Marianna Stránská, Adéla Elbel
  • Dir. of Photography:
    Adam Kruliš
  • Music:
    Vladimír Godár
  • Editor:
    Jana Vlčková
  • Cast:
    Dalibor K., Věra K., Vladimír M., Jana P.
  • Production:
    Hypermarket Film, Česká televize, BritDoc, Peter Kerekes, Karel Janeček, Wingman Media, Room One Films
  • Sales:
  • Festivals:
    Karlovy Vary 2017


13.11.2017 20:00 Kino Lumière (K1) (Q&A with Vít Klusák and Peter Kerekes)
16.11.2017 18:00 Kino Mladosť

About the Director:

Vít Klusák

Vít Klusák (1980, Prague, Czechoslovakia) together with his classmate Filip Remunda founded a production company Hypermarket Film while studying documentary filmmaking at Prague’s FAMU. This company later produced their joint debut, Czech Dream (Český sen, 2004), a documentary comedy about opening a fake hypermarket, which explores the power of advertising. The company continues to produce author-driven documentaries, including a television cycle, Czech Journal (Český žurnál, 2013 – 2017). Klusák has repeatedly proven a great instinct for issues and filmmaking methods that provoke a vivid public discourse.