Petra Seliškar


Petra Seliškar is a director, producer, writer and archive researcher.
She has the ability to clearly see importance in hidden details and,
through them, the essence in art, culture, nature, and all other aspects
of life. That is why she dedicated her time on this planet to life’s simple
pleasures, and of course, to cinema. Her creative strength can be seen
in her documentary, The Grandmothers of Revolution (Babice revolucije)
that was selected for the IDFA’s Joris Evens competition in 2006 and
went on to collecting many awards at film festivals around the world.
In 2010, Petra Seliškar was appointed Artistic Director and programmer
of the Makedox Creative Documentary Film Festival in Macedonia.
Her company, Petra Pan Film, has produced and co-produced over 20
feature-length documentaries and documentary series. They all have
received international awards.

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Petra Seliškar


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