Awards of 18th IFF Bratislava are given out

18th IFF Bratislava has the winners. Closing Ceremony was yesterday on 16 November in cinema Kino Nostalgia. The festival program continues today in two cinemas – Cinema Lumière (K2), and Youth Cinema and also in the festival’s official Lounge Urban Space.

Marco Danieli


Prize for the Best Fiction Film


(dir. Vatche Boulghourjian, Lebanon, France, Quatar, United Arab Emirates, 2016)


For its ability to deliver a story of emotion and search for identity through its powerful images and music and its ability to pull us into its world.



Prize for the Best Director

Marco Danieli for Worldly Girl  / La Ragazza del Mondo

(Italy, France, 2016)


For delivering a film treats its subject objectively and accomplished in the storytelling, direction of actors and the editing.



Prize for the Best Actress

Mia Petričević for Quit Staring at My Plate  / Ne gledaj mi u pijat

(dir. Hana Jušić, Croatia, Denmark, 2016)


For a very authentic and moving portrayal of a character trapped in a brutal family environment.



Prize for the Best Actor

Michele Riondino for Wordldy Girl / La Ragazza del Mondo

(dir. Marco Danieli, Italy, France, 2016)


For its ability in giving a moving diversified performance using a wide range of emotions.




My Life as a Courgette / Ma vie de Courgette

(dir. Claude Barras, Switzerland, France, 2016)


A well made emotional picture of the world of abandoned children.



Student Jury Award

Mellow Mud / Es esmu šeit

(dir. Renārs Vimba, Latvia, 2016)


Scanty dialogue and emphasis on the visual narrative that demonstrates craftsmanship of the filmmakers were the main attributes that gave this film a competitive edge in the Fiction Competition.




Prize for the Best Documentary Film

Communion / Komunia
(dir. Anna Zamecka, Poland, 2016)


Using sophisticated and precise cinematic language and finely honed instincts, the director creates such tender intimacy with her subjects that we are immediately swept into the hearts and minds of a family always in crisis.




Prize for the Best Short Film

Adaptation / Adaptacja

(dir. Bartosz Kruhlik, Poland, 2016)


A film that leads us, keeping one close step ahead of us, but never pushing, or meeting our expectations.This film has all the elements of great filmmaking, balancing everything on a fine artistic edge, and genuinely pushing its own genre.


On Tuesday 14th November in kino Lumière were announced the winners of 19th Bratislava IFF. Festival continues in kino Mladost, MIER in Modra, Mier in Senec and Zahoran in Malacky. 



The White World According to Daliborek (2017) and its main protagonist – a “gentle neo-Nazi” have prompted a controversial reaction in the Czech Republic. Klusák came across Dalibor on the Internet.


We’re slowly nearing the end of the festival and Kinečko has some recommendations for today’s screenings. This time we’re leaving Bratislava and expanding to the nearby cities.

Even today we’re here to recommend where to go and what to see.


Zuzana Golianová asked Jean-Marc Barr 10 questions.

The core of Kinečko film magazine is here again to recommend a couple of films you can’t miss.

Even today, the core of Kinečko film magazine has joined forces to bring you a couple of hot tips and recommendations.


Due to technical problems during the previous screening of the film HOUSE WITHOUT ROOF (dir.Soleen Yusef), we added a special screening on Sunday, November 12 at 1pm in Kine Lumière K4.


Just like yesterday, the core of Kinečko film magazine has come together to bring you a couple of hot tips and recommendations for today.


The documentary film directed by Soňa Maletzová is a portrait of Marián Varga, a legend of the Czechoslovak music scene. As many suchlike films, this one too reflects a particularly difficult time in the life of the artist – a different, original, innovative, progressive and controversial musician. Some found his style, artistic and life alike, crazy, whereas others imitated and loved it.


This year the renowned Canadian director of experimental, documentary and fiction films Denis Côté comes with his new release A Skin So Soft, combining all these three types of film, although most of all, it can be labelled a documentary. The filmmaker follows a group of bodybuilders throughout their everyday lives, but focuses mainly on various activities related to weight training and working out, their mutual hobbies.