Abound Box

Abound Box

Shot on Super8 and combined with photograms, this
abstract piece explores the film frame as a box for
things that live within the margins of experience.
Small moments, soon to be placed onto a crowded
shelf, impossible to find again.

  • Year:
  • Runtime:
    5 min.
  • Country:
  • Director:
    Sheri Wills
  • Production:
    Sheri Wills
  • Sales:
    Sheri Wills
  • Festivals:
    London Experimental Film Festival 2016, San Diego Underground Film Festival 2016, Lisbon International Film Festival 2016


16.11.2016 20:30 Kino Lumière (K4)

About the Director:

Sheri Wills

Sheri Wills is an artist specialising in film, video performances, and installation. Her films have been screened at the London IFF, Rotterdam IFF and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. Professor and Dean of Fine Arts at the Rhode Island School of Design, Wills currently lives in New York City.