Ever since its inception, the Bratislava film festival purposefully strove to develop the identity of a young festival – an event whose mission is to discover new names of contemporary cinema that seem to be well on their way toward becoming future stars of the silver screen. Our triplet of international competitions deliberately directs the spotlight to filmmakers whose feature, documentary and short debuts or second films have managed to impress the world of cinema with a sense of urgency and invention.


Fiction Competition

Focusing on new talent within the industry that may well become fixed stars of world cinema, the traditional international competition of first and second feature films is rooted in our festival’s ambition to discover fledgling filmmakers at the beginning of their careers and give them space on a prestigious international stage. Our selection of competitive pictures always strives to present a balanced blend of remarkably mature and youthfully radical artworks, which adumbrate the rise of exceptional talent that is worth keeping track of.

The competing films are examined by the Fiction Competition Jury, which bestows the following awards:


Prize for the Best Fiction Film

Prize for the Best Director

Prize for the Best Actress

Prize for the Best Actor