Side Events

November 9


Afterparty: PLNKA featuring Flora Yin-Wong (PAN) / antonia xm / Ink Midget / Biomat

21.00 – Fuga – admission free for festival pass and accreditation holders

Flora Yin-Wong with her futuristic sound poetry recently conquered the Blade Runner edition in London’s Boiler Room. Her explosive mixes full of dissonant melodies and sharp edges of the reverse side of contemporary club production grace soundclouds of The WIRE magazine, NTS Radio or the Blowing up the Workshop series.
The Vienna hybrid sound will be represented by antonia xm with a relatively fresh label, Ashida Park, which has published the latest EP album by Ink Midget who will complete the line-up along with domestic fixed stars such as Bassline Manager and Biomat. The event is organised by Forum Absurdum.

Facebook Event: Plnka w/ Flora Yin-Wong (PAN) / antonia xm / Ink Midget / Biomat


November 10


Afterparty: Centrifuga featuring Alavux (SRB)

22:00 – Fuga

On Friday, the Fuga club will host another edition of Centrifuga dance party that brings you the best from the world of acid techno and electro. The headliner will be Serbian producer Alavux whose characteristic features include fast-paced tempo and stringy sound. He will be seconded by time-tested domestic DJs like Masozz, Nada, Asebest and Yk-Aram.


November 11


Master Class: Denis Côté

17:00 – Kino Lumière K2 (following the screening of A Skin So Soft) – admission free

Denis Côté is a star of North American independent film and a darling at prestigious film festivals such as Locarno and Berlinale. During his moderated master class, he will speak not only about blending documentary and fiction in his works but also about independent ethos in the field of filmmaking.

Facebook Event: Masterclass: Denis Côté 


November 12


Concert: Hommage à M. Varga

21:30 – KC Dunaj – admission free

During the afterparty held in honour of this musical genius, a bunch of young bands with diverse backgrounds will play their covers of Varga’s most famous songs. After the series of live performances, the party will continue by playing back compositions from Varga’s extensive body of work that he recorded either by himself or with his legendary bands such as Prúdy or Collegium Musicum. Headliners: Queer Jane, Pjoni, Valér Miko Trio, Tomáš Gregor.

Facebook Event: Hommage à M. Varga (Queer Jane, Pjoni, Valér Miko, Tomáš Gregor)


November 13


Concert: Intergalactic Lovers, Lee Anderson

19:30 – Fuga

Building its sound identity on the echoes of the classic The Cure for almost 10 years, Intergalactic Lovers is a Belgian band that has produced three albums so far. While their debut album was born behind the walls of a dilapidated factory in the town of Aalst just outside Brussels, the second album was produced in cooperation with the respected Warner label. The band resumed its persuasive electro-rock sound in the style of Interpol and Yeah Yeah Yeahs on September 15 when they released their third studio record entitled Exhale that has been introduced by two music videos of “Between the Lines” and “River”. Intergalactic Lovers will be supported by their fellow compatriots, a blues-folk band Lee Anderson whose music caresses your ears but may also fill your eyes with tears.


November 14


Master Class: Jean-Marc Barr

13:00 – Urban Space – admission free

Jean-Marc Barr is one of the most distinguished European actors and an original director. He rose to international fame thanks to regular cooperation with controversial Danish director Lars von Trier on films such as Europa, Dogville or Nymphomaniac and especially by starring opposite Jean Reno in The Big Blue by Luc Besson. Jean-Marc will speak of his experiences with working in front as well as behind the camera during a moderated master class.

Facebook Event: Masterclass: Jean-Marc Barr


Afterparty: Play it again, Kinečko

21:30 – Fuga – admission free

The Kinečko film magazine and the Bratislava IFF won’t let go without a joint party as they will wrap up the festival along with their readers and festival-goers during a party entitled Play It Again, Kinečko! The music production will be taken care of by Kinečko reporters and their guests – Slovak filmmakers – as party DJs.

Facebook Event: Afterparty: Play It Again, Kinečko


November 15


Master Class: Studio 727

13:00 – Kino Lumière K2 – admission free

Studio 727 is a cutting-edge Slovak post-production company that has been part of a great number of film and advertising projects since its founding in 1997. A master class given by its founder Ladislav Dedík and his team of co-workers will focus on the issue of digital acting and will feature an interactive presentation of motion capture and full body scan, i.e. technologies that will shape the future of screen acting in the era of computer-generated and special-effect films and videogames.

Facebook Event: Masterclass: Studio 727


November 16


Discussion: Screen Acting As A Sideline

14:00 – Urban Space – admission free

A panel discussion on screen acting in the context of Slovak cinema (education, professional training and career options) with Slovak actors / actresses and acting teachers. The discussion will be held only in Slovak.

Facebook Event: Discussion: Screen Acting As A Sideline


Concert: Hidden by the Grapes, Small Town Life

21.00 – Fuga

Hidden by the Grapes is a trio from Graz, Austria. Like the Bratislava-based formation 50 Hertz Whale, they like to describe their style as post-everything, building it on coarse guitar riffs blended with catchy pop tunes. On the genre spectrum, they would probably be somewhere close to post-punk, 90s emo, noise rock or indie rock. So far, they have released four albums and played over 250 concerts around Europe and on two American tours. Earlier this year, Wohnzimmer Records produced their latest album entitled Graben. Small Town Life is a relatively young garage guitar project from Šaľa that will provide more than reliable support to Hidden by the Grapes.

Facebook Event: Hidden By The Grapes /AT/ + Small Town Life /SK/