I wasn’t interested in religion but in the main character’s personal change


Of all the films vying for the Grand Prix in the Competition of Fiction Films, perhaps the most vivid response from the Bratislava audience received Worldly Girl (La Ragazza del mondo) that tells a story of Giulia, a young member of Jehova’s Witnesses community whose strict life and ascetic set of values is suddenly turned upside down after her meeting with a young drug dealer of a symptomatic name, Libero. Director Marco Danieli who attended the festival screening yesterday shared with us some behind-the-scenes information from the making of his first feature-length motion picture.


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Take a walk through Bratislava filming locations


On Wednesday, the Bratislava International Film Festival prepared for all avid cinemagoers a commented sightseeing tour, two open discussions related to filmsand a decoration of this year’s laureate of the lifetime artistic achievement award and the newest holder of the memorial tile on the Film Walk of Fame.


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We don’t compose shots, we create relations


While Hungarian director Szabolcs Hajdu is not unknown to Slovak cinemagoers, his latest picture, It’s Not the Time of My Life (Ernelláék Farkaséknál), has been a surprise in many ways, particularly in the context of his past. It was made on a €5,000 budget and the director made it in his own apartment with members of his own family. The film premiered last summer at the Karlovy Vary IFF where it claimed the main prize, the Crystal Globe, and Hajdu underlined its success by snatching the Best Actor award. Two weeks ago, Hajdu won a special prize for directing at the Cottbus IFF.

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IFF Bratislava is helping the red-nosed clowns help the sick


For the third consecutive year, the Bratislava International Film Festival in cooperation with the Red Nose(Clowndoctors) civic association decided to organise a charity projection. This time, they chose My Life as a Courgette (Ma vie de Courgette), a Swiss-French family film by director Claude Barrasthat will be screened tonight at Kino Mladosť.


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Winning films of Bratislava International Film Festival to be announced today

 Tonight, the 18th edition of the Bratislava International Film Festival (IFF BA) will announce the names of the winning films. The closing ceremony will be held in Kino Nostalgia and will be open to the general public. Once the awards will have been bestowed, there will be a special screening of Lion (2016), a fiction debut by Garth Davis.


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End your festival day with a concert!

One of the fastest growing Slovak music bands, Max Bazowski debuted in early 2015 but already earned their spurs. At the Fuga music club, it will be accompanied by three bands from Brno, the capital of Czech alternative music, namely Ghost of You, Acute Dose, and 1flfsoap. Festival-goers may look forward to a mixture of atmospheric rock, guitar psychedelics and dark electronic music featuring live drums.

20:00, Fuga

Share a movie experience with cinemagoers abroad

Tonight, a number of European cinema theatres will join hands to take part in a simultaneous projection of As I Open My Eyes (À peine j’ouvre les yeux, 2016) and the subsequent interactive discussion with directress Leyla Bouzid that will be streamed live from Brussels. The picture is one of the three finalists vying for 2016 LUX Film Prize, an award introduced by the European Parliament in 2007 in order to popularize original European film production.

(19:15, Kino Mladosť)


Rising star of American independent cinema has busy schedule in Bratislava

15:00, Kino Lumiére, (K2)

One of the brightest shooting stars in the sky of American independent cinema, Alex Ross Perry is a 32-year-old director/writer/occasional actor who has become known for making small and seemingly inconspicuous films on a shoestring budget that tend to attract cinemagoers who appreciate tight writing. In his motion pictures, critics have detected inspirations with Woody Allen, Noah Baumbach, Roman Polanski, or Philip Roth.


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Alex Ross Perry arrives in Bratislava


On Monday, our film festival will proudly welcome precious guestswho have arrived in Bratislava to present their films and to discuss them with festival-goers. Besides American independent filmmaker Alex Ross Perry, we are equally thrilled to have with us Anna Zamecka who just won Best Documentary Feature award at the Warsaw IFF four weeks ago.


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Film tips for Sunday (13.11.)

A documentary road-movie from East Ukraine shot by young photographer and cameraman Juraj Mravec, Peace to All of You (Mir vam, 2016) is an important report on the state of a country that has changed into a war zone. While the director is currently out to another walk on the wild side, shooting his newest film around the Mosul area, you can appreciate his skills of a war reporter in the serenity of a festival cinema.

(15:30, Kino Lumière, K2)


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Meet filmmakers in person

If you are interested in what is going on in the Middle East right now, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get an insight from Mano Khalil, a Swiss director of Kurdish origin who learned the craft in Bratislava and now returns here to present his fiction debut, The Swallow (Die Schwalbe, 2016). It tells a story of 27-year-old Mira who travels from Switzerland to Iraqi Kurdistan to look for her father she has never met. All that she has is an old letter and a faded picture. She is all excited and full of hope; little does she know that she is embarking on a journey that will change her life forever, a journey to the breath-taking landscapes of Kurdistan but also to the political reality teeming with conflicts, which the film portrays from a completely new perspective.

(13:15, Kino Lumière, K1)


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Sunday Morning Coming Down for Kids

Sunday morning at the Bratislava film festival is dedicated to the youngest generation of cinemagoers and their parents.At Gorila.sk Urban Space, directress Vanda Raýmanová will personally present the official Slovak preview of The Tots (Drobci, 2016), her new TV bedtime series that is currently having a successful festival campaign across Europe and America. At Tofuzi, an international festival of animated films in Batumi, Georgia, it recently won the Best Television Series award.

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Festival guide for 11.11. (Friday)

The Bratislava International Film Festival (BIFF) is opening its gates today for the 18th year. Right from day one, the programme is varied enough for all film buffs to take their picks. For those of you who take longer to decide, we have prepared a little “festival guide” that should help you find your taste in main cinema courses as well as the ample garnish of side events.

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Video interview: Rúnar Rúnarsson

Rúnar Rúnarsson is acclaimed Icelandic director whose short films won numerous prestigious festivals. His feature debut Volcano, a story about grumpy old man and his reinvention, premiered at Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes in 2011. His second feature Sparrows won the Golden Shell at San Sebastián film festival and competed for the Prize for the Best Fiction Film at Bratislava IFF.


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Darijan Pejovski: Feature film is like a marathon, short movies are more like a sprint

Darijan Pejovski (1983) is a young Macedonian film director. He graduated from the Department of Film and TV Directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje. The audience knows him as a co-writer of the screenplay for a feature fiction film directed by Vladimir Blazevski, Punk´s Not Dead (Pankot ne e mrtov, 2011). Before he directed several short and documentary films. During the International Film Festival Bratislava you could have seen his first feature fiction film Three Days in September (2015). Continue reading “Darijan Pejovski: Feature film is like a marathon, short movies are more like a sprint”

Our Tips for Tuesday

Unfortunately, the Bratislava film festival is slowly heading toward the inevitable. All international juries picked the winning films in each category yesterday, so you still can hope that maybe one of them is among the listed. It is a public holiday today, which plays into the hands of movie buffs that would otherwise have to stay at work. Today, the screenings are scheduled only in Kino Lumière (K2) and Kino Mladosť. Continue reading “Our Tips for Tuesday”

Mišo Suchý: My Films Emerge from My Inner Need to Get to Grips with Things

Mišo Suchý is a Slovak-American filmmaker whose retrospective at this year’s edition of the Bratislava film festival was organised in cooperation with the Month of Photography exhibition cycle. His films focus primarily on the issues of family, home, identity, and separation and combine various materials including photographs and home videos.

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Emília Vášáryová: “I Don’t Like to Watch 35 mm Films on Television”

On Saturday, November 14, Bratislava International Film Festival held a gala evening to present its Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award upon actress Emília Vášáryová and make her the newest holder of the memorial tile on the Film Walk of Fame in Bratislava downtown. Continue reading “Emília Vášáryová: “I Don’t Like to Watch 35 mm Films on Television””


Dalibor Matanić demonstrated interest in strong issues already in early stages of his career. In his latest motion picture, Zvizdan (2015), which took home Un Certain Regard Jury Prize from this year’s Cannes IFF, he deals with complicated mutual relations between Croats and Serbs. Continue reading “Zvizdan”

Our Tips for Monday

The cold and damp weather that set in Bratislava yesterday makes for a perfect invitation to spend your free time in a cinema theatre; here, you can tuck in a comfy armchair, forget the wind and the rain and identify with joys and problems of on-screen characters just like Mia Farrow did in the Purple Rose of Cairo. To help you fit your mood to the perfect film, here are a couple of tips for today. Continue reading “Our Tips for Monday”

Our Preview: Flotel Europa

In 1992 when former Yugoslavia was being ravaged by a devastating civil war, the wave of refugees that had spilled all over Europe reached as far as Denmark. With existing refugee camps filled to the brim, the Red Cross came up with an ingenious solution to tug a decommissioned ocean liner into a canal near Copenhagen. Soon renamed fittingly to Flotel Europa, this floating refugee camp became a temporary home to hundreds of refugees for several months or even years.  Continue reading “Our Preview: Flotel Europa”

How Videocassettes Changed the Face of Cinema, Society

This year, the Bratislava film festival decided to pay homage to a little plastic item that once shaped the way we perceived films and life around us – videocassette. On the first glimpse, it may appear as an obscure episode and a marginal medium in the history of cinema; however, the VHS boom is a true phenomenon that has forever changed not only the face of the film industry (have you seen Boogie Nights?) but also life in many societies locked behind the Iron Curtain – at least that’s what young Romanian director Ilinca Calugareanu is trying to show us in her feature documentary, Chuck Norris vs Communism. Continue reading “How Videocassettes Changed the Face of Cinema, Society”

17th Bratislava Film Festival Warms Up in Topical and Spectacular Fashion

Even before this year’s festival officially opened its gates, Kino Mladosť screened the first festival film, Mediterranea, a feature-length debut by young Italian-American director Jonas Carpignano that tells a story of two migrants’ perilous voyage from the shores of Africa to Southern Italy.

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