Review: Varga (2017, Soňa Maletzová)


The documentary film directed by Soňa Maletzová is a portrait of Marián Varga, a legend of the Czechoslovak music scene. As many suchlike films, this one too reflects a particularly difficult time in the life of the artist – a different, original, innovative, progressive and controversial musician. Some found his style, artistic and life alike, crazy, whereas others imitated and loved it. Continue reading “Review: Varga (2017, Soňa Maletzová)”

Review: A Skin so Soft (Ta peau si lisse, 2017, Denis Côté)


This year the renowned Canadian director of experimental, documentary and fiction films Denis Côté comes with his new release A Skin So Soft, combining all these three types of film, although most of all, it can be labelled a documentary. The filmmaker follows a group of bodybuilders throughout their everyday lives, but focuses mainly on various activities related to weight training and working out, their mutual hobbies.

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Bojan Vuletić: “We lead towards a total identity crisis”



The Serbian director Bojan Vuletić is attending the 19th edition of the Bratislava IFF not only as a member of the main competition jury, but also to introduce the audience to his successful film Requiem for Mrs. J. On this occasion, Lea Pagáčová asked our festival guest a few questions.


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