Junior: Contemporary Animation for Children

The collection of contemporary animated films for children presents the best of the genre in past several years in an attempt to demonstrate that a short animated film for children may not necessarily be popular-oriented, strictly educational or uselessly garrulous. There are a lot of filmmakers in the world who regularly manage to avoid these notorious shortcomings in their films. Our selection includes pictures that feature some well-thought-out, far-from-obvious humour, which is guaranteed to entertain not only infant viewers but also their adult chaperones. At the same time, it may help festival-goers gain a solid overview of established stars of short animated film as well as young talents of the genre (e.g. Alexandra Hetmerová, Péter Vácz).


Maroš Brojo

Curator of the section and Programme Director of Fest Anča


The section was prepared in cooperation with Fest Anča, Slovakia’s largest international festival of animated films.

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