Made in CZ/SK

In the past few decades, international film co-productions have become a characteristic feature of the European cinema. Thanks to them, especially smaller countries are able to realize even projects that are financially and technically more demanding. For example, the European Cinema Support Fund of the Council of Europe has, of now, supported 48 co-production projects with Slovak production companies being a majority or minority co-producer. The Slovak Audiovisual Fund has also contributed significantly by creating a sub-programme for the support of minority co-productions.


Without co-production cooperation, Slovak cinematography would be deprived both in terms of quantity and quality. The Slovak-Czech co-production, which is the most common here, is a result of both the historical existence of the common state of Czechs and Slovaks, whose 100th anniversary we celebrated this year, and the natural continuation of the filmmaking cooperation between the two neighboring countries after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. Proof of this cooperation can be seen not only in the interest of the audience and the many awards acquired by these joint projects, but also the section Made in CZ/SK, in which we present several current works also created in the Czech-Slovak co-production.

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