Topic: City

This year, the festival’s main theme focuses on the city both as real and cinematic space, and also the city as a way of life that is conspicuously often characterised by the paradox of an individual’s loneliness amidst a place swarming with people. living in a city seems to defy the human nature, yet at the same time it abounds in peculiar devouring attractiveness. Our choice of this year’s leitmotif has been strongly affected by the identity of our festival, which is basically an urban festival that constantly seeks its place in the ever-changing landscape. The section will present a broad palette of films, ranging from popular stories about the life in the city to film essays to modern variations of urban symphony, a favourite genre of film avantgardists. Complementing the festival’s pivotal theme will be a series of side events, open discussions and guided tours of Bratislava that will elaborate and reflect on the theme outside the “safe zone” of festival cinemas.

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