Katarína Krnáčová


Katarína worked on a short film by Mátyás Prikler, Fine, Thanks (2009),
that premiered at Cinéfondation at the Cannes IFF, Prikler’s feature
follow-up of the same name that premiered at the Rotterdam IFF in
2013, and on Slovakia 2.0 (2014).
She also worked on Mira Fornay’s My Dog Killer that won the Tiger
award at the Rotterdam IFF and went on to becoming Slovakia’s
national Oscar nomination. Katarína was a delegate producer of Little
Harbour, the latest film by Iveta Grófová that won the Crystal Bear at
Berlinale 2017.
Her production company Silverart is currently developing two feature
films and a TV miniseries; all these projects are international co-productions.
She is a voting member of the European Film Academy and
the Slovak Film and Television Academy.

Juries 2017

Fiction Competition Jury

Documentary Competition Jury

Petra Seliškar


Shorts Competition Jury


Evgeny Mayzel


Student Jury

Veronika Suchá